Mandriva Pulse on Univention Corporate Server: Annual Subscription

Pulse, a market leader in open-source IT assets administration is a solution designed to meet the needs and challenges of IT professionals in the area of IT systems management.

One of the most comprehensive solutions for IT assets administration in the industry, Pulse is a robust solution packed with features to help organizations manage multi-OS, multi-site IT assets. As the core of Pulse are features such as: comprehensive inventory, mastering, remote control, cloning, deployment and backup and restore. In addition to these core functionalities, Mandriva's latest version 2.0 had added five new features based on leading industry trends: reporting, Pull Mode, licence management, patch management and software convergence.

Mandriva Pulse Subscription
Annual support subscription

Support means
Basic Standard Advanced Dedicated
Price Included 180% 1A 400% 1B 1200% 1C
Nb. of requests / year 5 10 30 50
Response time 24H 2 6H 2 2H 2 1H 2
Workaround time 72H 2 48H 2 9H 2 8H 2
Resolution time 2 weeks 1 week 72H 2 72H 2
Business hours (weekdays) 9H00 to 16H00 8H00 to 18H00 8H00 to 20H00 365 days
(1) Based on the annual subscription fee
(2) Working hours
Dedicated helpline
(1A) (Min • 2K€)
(1B) (Min • 5K€)
(1C) (Min • 15K€)

More information

For technical support of IT Management Station, you can buy

  • 'Pulse Support Block' covers a maximum of 30 minutes of support time.
  • At least one support block is used per incident.
  • Additional time used in one incident is calculated in new support blocks, billed in 30-minute increments.

Once your support blocks are over, you can purchase more support blocks from Mandriva Service Place.

Number of machines :
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  • Number of machines must be less than 10000.
  • Number of machines must be greater than 10.
  • Enter a whole number.
Support type :
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Key points

  • 5 to +100 000 machines
  • Management Web Interface
  • Set up wizard
  • Multi-OS & Multi-site
  • LDAP integration

Optional services

Assistance block for IT assets administration solution for Univention UCS

by Mandriva
49.90 EUR (tax excl.)

The required help when you need it