Mandriva Business Server Soho

A newer version of this product is available: Mandriva Business Server Soho 2.0

Everything at no cost

Mandriva Business Server is a complete server solution that meets the multiple needs of today's businesses and public agencies of any size. Mandriva Business Server is both versatile and innovative, and it has been built on rock-solid and well tested foundations. Its set up and the deployment of its services and applications is very easy and quick as it relies on elegant and intuitive interfaces.

This SOHO edition comes absolutely free of charge with a limit of 5 users. It provides individuals and home offices with state-of-the-art IT technology at no cost. Reconquer the control over your emails, your web presence, the collaboration inside your company, run an instant messaging platform of your own. As a registered user, you'll also get complimentary access to the Mandriva ServicePlace*.

Mandriva Business Server provides many services out of the box:

  • Mail Server
  • Web Server
  • Directory (MDS)
  • Configuration & website deployment (Wordpress and other CMS etc.)
  • Document storage & backup
  • Instant messaging (Jabber)
  • Security (firewall, secure package versions)
  • Network configuration & management
  • Application server
  • Access rights and user management
  • File and print server
  • VoIP (Asterisk)
  • Calendaring
  • VPN

*Mandriva ServicePlace is the professional marketplace by Mandriva, enabling Mandriva Business users to access a vast ecosystem of enterprise applications and services. Get Mandriva Business Server today and discover a world of services and apps at the core of your business.

  • Optional services

6 assistance blocks

by Mandriva
430.80 EUR (tax excl.)

The required help when you need it


MBS Training: Advanced Use

by Mandriva
1560.00 EUR (tax excl.)

Learn advanced concept of Linux - 3 jours


MBS Training: Basic course

by Mandriva
600.00 EUR (tax excl.)

Learn the basics of Linux - 2days


Key points

  • 5 users
  • ServicePlace addons